Benefits of the ORACLE

  • Environmental – the ORACLE disrupts mines before they are able to function. Some explosives used in land mines (such as TNT), when released from the mine casing into the soil, remain as a fertiliser. However when detonated, TNT becomes a contaminate in soil and may render it sterile for many years. In addition, the metallic elements of mines are easier to clear when not transformed by explosion.
  • Safety – the operator is well protected in the fully enclosed armoured cabin. There is no human physical contact with the mines.
  • Speed and capacity – the ORACLE is 20 times faster than a US Army Engineer Company. The capacity per machine is up to 15,600 m²/hour depending on soil conditions and vegetation.
  • Rate of demolition – the efficiency is very high and no functioning landmines are left behind. The mine clearance rate as demonstrated in Croatia and Libya is 100 per cent effective.
  • Reliability – the ORACLE has been tested under Scandinavian arctic conditions, in the Balkans and the Libyan Desert. It functions in frozen soils, sand, rocky ground etc. It is effective in areas where mechanical clearance is often not possible such as vineyards, light forestry and areas with barbed wire.
  • Cost effectiveness – the cost per m² is a fraction of the manual de-mining operations run by a US Army Engineer Company (Caterpillar study).
  • Experience – the ORACLE system has a well-documented track record. It has been used in live operations in Croatia from April 2000 and Libya from September 2008.
  • Supremacy: the ORACLE does NOT unlike other machines cease clearance operations when encountering an Anti-Vehicle mine field. Competing machinery such as the MineWolf, MV-10, MV-4, Bozena 5 are designed to withstand one blast from an Anti-Vehicle mine but are NOT designed to clear an Anti-Vehicle minefield. This is the reason why the ORACLE’s heavy and powerful characteristics give ORACLE supremacy over competing machinery.

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