ORACLE Demining Machines

Countermine Group of Companies (CGC) and the ORACLE system

The CGC Management team has successfully completed in excess of 100 mine clearance contracts for HCR (the Croatian Mine Action Centre), ITF (International Trust Fund) and other clients, through a former subsidiary company, Terra Firma d.o.o. (Incorporated in Croatia). In completing these contracts Terra Firma is the only contract mine clearance operator in Croatia that has never failed a quality control test or time-line.

In 2007 Lars Nylin was given permission to register a de-mining company in Libya and successfully accomplished a number of commercial as well as governmental contracts.

A brand new ORACLE II machine is ready for delivery at the factory in Södertälje, Sweden. Additional machines can be made available pursuant to machine purchase agreements. Two machines are at present stationed in Benghazi, Libya.

The ORACLE, through its rotating mechanical tool, the “Spitfire”, tills the land and destroys the landmines by impact and disintegration before they can explode. The ORACLE system has already been utilised in significant de-mining projects in Croatia and Libya converting mined land into usable agricultural land. Considering important aspects of safety, speed, efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness, the ORACLE has substantial advantages over all competitive systems, either military or civilian. First started in 1994 and then proceeding as a Eureka financed innovative project in 1996, ORACLE received the “Best Practices in Industrial Innovation 1998 Award” from the EU Commission.

CGC’s operations, while based primarily on using the ORACLE also utilise other clearance techniques. The company employs staff or engages contractors for manual de-mining and clearance using explosive detection dogs (EDD). Although slower and more expensive, there are certain inaccessible areas that the ORACLE cannot clear. These include land, which is too close to obstacles, small areas that the machine may not be able to access such as rocky terrain or where there is heavy established forest. The ORACLE can operate successfully in light forest and can handle heavy overgrowth. By incorporating manual de-mining and EDD clearance methods, Countermine is be able to provide a complete and comprehensive de-mining service.


The basic CAT 973C Track Type Loader can do many things besides being the Tractor unit for ORACLE II. The Power Pack trailer is easy to uncouple and the Ground Engaging Tool Assembly can be replaced with a range of other tools like the Multi Purpose Bucket in the picture. Another usable tool in the field are Forks to lift containers and pallets.


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